'a voice steeped in emotion that comes only from the spiritual world,  not every one receives this gift ….a timbre that will touch your soul’ Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb (Mumbai,1997)


Shashika Mooruth is a versatile ‘conscious' independent artiste from S.Africa now based out of Mumbai, India. 

Widely traveled to more than twenty-five countries, her voice with its unique timbre is her passport to much acclaim. She has had the honor of performing for a select audience at the United Nations in May 2006 receiving overwhelming applause. The late world-renowned Pakistani singer and Grammy winner Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb heard her sing in Mumbai and was all praise for her talent and voice which he described as ‘steeped in soul and emotion’. 

Shashika is born a natural singer. She embarked on Hindustani classical training only after completing her university education but she loves to experiment with different styles. As a conscious artiste she does not restrict herself to any genre. Rather she aims to not just entertain but to create a positive shift in the consciousness of her listeners, hence her performances range from classical to pop, kirtan to folk to Bollywood, in fact she allows her voice to roam as a free spirit singing from her soul. 

She had an interest from childhood to spread a message of peace through her music. By the age of fourteen, she had sung to some of the largest audiences in South Africa raising funds for old age homes, orphanages, charitable trusts, missionaries, spiritual organisations and various fundraising initiatives. 

Honoured at the World Hindu Conference in S.Africa 1995 for her contribution to Indian Music in S.Africa alongside Indian artistes Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and Pdt Hrdaynath Mangeshkar, she also received the South African Hindu Dharma Sabha’s Honour award from the Indian Consulate General Mr Anil Sharma in 2011 for her sterling contribution to the advancement of Indian culture in S.Africa through her music and performed at the welcome reception of Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi in S.Africa in 2016. 


Blessed with the natural ability that involves communicating, teaching, healing and entertaining that suits her personality and interests, Shashika  also conducts workshops, music therapy sessions, voice classes and delivers motivational talks all through her unique, holistic approach. 

In 2003, she launched her independent music label URJA MUSIC and has produced more than 15 successful albums and singles that enjoy popularity worldwide. 

She is also a Billboard artiste and a Grammy voting member.


"My favorite track is Shyam Piya. Just beautiful arrangements through and through. Congratulations on moving release!" (Kabir Sehgal - Grammy Award Winner)

"Wonderful work! Such a bright strong   energy and presence!!!" 
(Paul Avgerinos - Grammy Award Winner)

rave review of the album by music critic Rick Anderson has been published in the February issue of CD HotList:
New Releases for Libraries (http://cdhotlist.com).

Another amazing review by international critic RJ Lannan at ZMR:

"The Flute Breathes is the opening tune and I could tell from the start that Mooruth knows how to use her own instrument well...Her voice is soft, sometimes whispery, and as clear as a diamond with a great deal of luster....."
"....The woods are full of life as suggested by the song Deep in the Forest. Shashika's voice is gentle and sweet as she calls to her friends. There is the sound of the wind through the trees, water spilling over rocks, and life every where. The music has a dreamlike quality to it. The atmosphere is full of sun powered vitality...."

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