'a voice steeped in emotion that comes only from the spiritual world,  not every one receives this gift ….a timbre that will touch your soul’

 Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb (Mumbai,1997)



Heart to Heart


"My favorite track is Shyam Piya. Just beautiful arrangements through and through. Congratulations on moving release!" (Kabir Sehgal - Grammy Award Winner)

"Wonderful work! Such a bright strong   energy and presence!!!" 
(Paul Avgerinos - Grammy Award Winner)

rave review of the album by music critic Rick Anderson has been published in the February issue of CD HotList:
New Releases for Libraries (http://cdhotlist.com).

Another amazing review by international critic RJ Lannan at ZMR:

"The Flute Breathes is the opening tune and I could tell from the start that Mooruth knows how to use her own instrument well...Her voice is soft, sometimes whispery, and as clear as a diamond with a great deal of luster....."
"....The woods are full of life as suggested by the song Deep in the Forest. Shashika's voice is gentle and sweet as she calls to her friends. There is the sound of the wind through the trees, water spilling over rocks, and life every where. The music has a dreamlike quality to it. The atmosphere is full of sun powered vitality...."

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